Books as a way of learning English


Hello, visitors of my website!

Are you tired of your plateau in English? You have Intermediate level, don’t you? You study English, do your best but nothing changes?

Same here.

You know, my best advice for everyone in this situation and for myself is just keep going. Continue reading, listening, speaking and writing. In my teaching career I use the same approach. I inspire my students to put major focus on practice, not theory.

Especially it is relating to those who already have an independent level of English, such as Intermediate and higher. These students are independent learners, they know how to learn English, they can speak, read and understand effectively for their communicative goals.

But they are not content with their knowledge and skills. Sometimes they hesitate how to speak or write something. Sometimes they can’t understand exactly what they listen to. It gives them a feeling of uncertainty and desire to know English better.

Honestly, I don’t believe in magic power of grammar drills or memorizing vocabulary. Also I don’t believe in magic pills and unique approaches and methods. I don’t believe in textbooks.

As for me, I prefer natural ways of learning English. Communication is the main goal of learning English. While you’re studying English as a target goal you can’t succeed. You will succeed if only you use English for practical activities: searching information in the Internet, communication with interesting people, reading books for pleasure, watching films, business dealing with English-speaking partners and other needs.

Communication is the main goal of learning English.

English is not a goal. English is a tool.

On this website I want to share my passion with you. I absolutely love to read English books.

Reading is one of the essential skills. I think reading fiction and non-fiction books is the best way to know more about our world and as a side effect to improve your English. On this website I will share my impressions of the books I’ve read and recommend you some of them.

Read books and get pleasure!